Edible Education for Children 

Since its summer release, Lend A Hand App has reached over 1,000 downloads in 39 countries. Now, Lend A Hand App teams up with Alice Waters’ worldwide edible education curriculum, joining a growing online resource community for creative learning. For every Lend A Hand App sold, a dollar is donated to Waters’ Edible Schoolyard.

Teachers, parents and homeschoolers seeking innovative lesson plans are all welcome to join The Edible Schoolyard Project. Lend A Hand App proudly serves as one of their featured innovative resources, engaging and educating children about the joys of healthy eating and the importance of farming in our fast-paced, ever-evolving environment.

Designed exclusively for the iPad, Lend A Hand App is an interactive book that features a Creative Commons song about farming by Willie Nelson and Marty Dread. Using lush illustrations and a music video by Deborah Stoll, Nolan Bryan and Adelle Walker, the app utilizes “Read it Myself” and “Sing to Me” features.

Waters’ philosophy is that we learn from our senses. Lend A Hand App provides just that with music and farm-focused sounds, touch screen activities and fun, colorful animations. Discover the world of farming and food, from growing and harvesting to transporting, selling, cooking and eating. Then, with newfound knowledge and a song in your heart, apply these lessons to your daily life.

Find Lend A Hand App at or the App Store for $1.99 and help enrich the lives of children’s edible education. Visit to join a network that transforms how schools and families create their own gardens and build healthier sustainable communities.

Share pictures using #kidsinthegarden @lendahandapp for fun future prizes.

Lend A Hand Hits 1000 Downloads in 39 Countries

After a visit to an Agricultural Fair this summer to see youth farmers in action, Lend A Hand App reached over 1000 downloads, spreading worldwide to 39 different countries. Can we name them all? You bet! United States, China, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, UK, Germany, Japan, France, HongKong, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, India, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Belgium, Ukraine, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Russian Federation, Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Poland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Korea, and Sweden are all helping lend a hand and support family farming.

Silver Lake Library Readings and Free App Promotions 

On July 1st at the Silver Lake Library, Lend A Hand App is shared with three toddler reading groups of about 20 kids each along with moms, dads and guardians. Seed packets of fruits and vegetables were given as promotional party favors, and by Wednesday, 60 apps were downloaded. By friday, there were a hundred.

Whether or not these downloads came straight from the impact of the summer readings, Lend A Hand App was free all week in honor of Independence Day, making us even closer to reaching a thousand downloads, after bringing together over 500 from Mother and Father’s Day.

Lend A Hand App gains support from Marty Dread and Kenny Loggins

Maui’s organic farmer, Reggae Ambassador and co-writer of “Lend A Hand To The Farmers,” Marty Dread, shares Lend A Hand App with friends and family. Hawaii’s Agriculture Partnerships jumps on board and is a powerful sharing tool for agriculture education.

Country singer, Kenny Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders supported Lend A Hand App in a tweet that reached Mr. Dread. We hit 600 likes in eight hours. Thanks to all for lending a hand.

Slow Food, Boggy Creek Farms and iMums like Lend A Hand App

Slow Food San Francisco is a global grassroots movement linking food to community and the environment. They encourage visiting farmers’ markets to slow down and support your local community. Become a member and join their network.

Boggy Creek Farms began it’s “back-to-the-farm” movement in 1981, when Larry Butler & Carol Ann Sayle started one of the nation’s first urban farm markets. The farmhouse is one of the two oldest homes in Austin, TX and their market days are Saturday and Wednesday, year round.

iMums, “mother’s of little gadget lovers” shared the Lend A Hand App Press Release as well as promoted us when we went free for Father’s Day. We’re hoping they’ll review us soon.

Lend A Hand App Makes Farming Fun for Kids

LOS ANGELES (April 30, 2013) In honor of Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday, download Lend A Hand App, a children’s interactive app experience with a focus on food, farming, and family. Lend A Hand App will have kids singing along as they visit a farm, harvest grapes, plant a garden, and revive a barren field by making it rain.

Inspired by country music great and Farm Aid Founder Willie Nelson’s song, “Lend a Hand to the Farmers,” Lend A Hand App highlights the importance of family farming while creating a dialogue between children and parents about their food’s origins. At the touch of a finger, farms, animals, and markets come to life to help children understand how agriculture, restaurants and neighborhood markets work together to deliver sustainable food to their community.

The app also features a colorful animated video by Los Angeles artist Deborah Stoll, and a song preformed by Los Angeles singer-songwriter Nolan Bryan.

Producer Adelle Walker believes the app and its song-centric approach to learning is a fun and fundamental method of education. “To inspire through reading, music, and art is the most fulfilling pursuit I can imagine. My hope is that Lend A Hand App encourages children to invest in making their world a healthier, more creative place to live.”


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